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Frequently Asked Questions



1 Q Why don’t you do estate sales?

   A  In our opinion they just don’t work. We make the fiscal interests of our clients number one. If you consider that the typical estate sale takes 3-4 weeks, setup time, 3-4 days of sale and then clearing out all the unsold item and compare that to fixed property costs like mortgage, taxes, utilities etc., it just does not make sense.  The true value is the property, not its belongings whether you intend to sell or rent.  


2  Q  What area’s do serve?

    A   Primarily Silicon Valley and greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our estate liquidation     services are available outside of the immediate area but additional fee’s may be required. 


3  Q  What is a “typical” estate?

    A  All Silicon Valleys estate sales are different. A typical estate is somewhat orderly with and low amount of clutter.  Then there are the harder estates. Every closet and and most space is is packed to the brim.  And then there are the head scratchers. We had one Portola Valley estate that was tough. 14 Abandoned vehicles on the property.  Although we try to get an estate cleaned in a day some variables require more time. 


4 Q  How do you process hazardous waste? 

   A  There are a munger of local facilities that will take hazardous waste.  Hazardous waste can be paint, fertilizer, cleaning supplies etc.  If there are full or close to full products, ie  409, Wndex and the like, we will post a message on Nextdoor and offer the for free to the local community for curb side pick up.  Our reasoning being that it is better to have it used than processed for disposal. 


5 Q  What if there are firearms at the property?

   A  If there are suspected firearms on the property these items are secured, unloaded if necessary, and removed from the premises prior to the start of work.  The safety of our team is critical and we have found loaded weapons in the past.  Better to be safe than sorry and many estate liquidations do contain them. 


6 Q  Do we need a Realtor to work with you?

   A   You do not need a Realtor.  We just need a key and we can get things done directly with the owner of the property. If you are preparing the house for sale we can make high level introductions to our contacts in the Real Estate industry for you….no strings attached. 


7  Q   What if we forget a piece of personal property at the property that has emotional meaning to us?

    A   We do our best to make sure you have all the personal property you would like to keep. If during our sorting process we run across something that looks the an heirloom we will immediately send you a text with a photo for confirmation. IN my case I would want to keep my mothers coffee mug just for memories sake.  This is something we can not determine with all items. We work very fast, it is always best to use due diligence prior too the start of liquidation.


8  Q  What do you do if you find money at the property?

    A  We always find money at a property.  Loose change and bills. You set the limit in our contract for an amount to be notified about. As an example if we find a jar of coins and 3 dollars in a desk is this amount worth your effort?  Any loose money we do find will be donated to a local charity and documented. If we find a coffee can full of rolled bills you will be notified immediately. No worries there. 


9  Q  How do you handle billing? 

    A  We typically use Square for billing. You receive and email with a link too process a credit card payment. Usually your property can be under contract before the payment is due from credit card company.  We are open to suggestions and this can be worked out in the initial consultation. 

10  Q  You mentioned Bonham's on your site. If there are items that meet their criteria do you add additional fee's on top fo theirs ? 

      Absolutely not. We make direct connection with the appropriate individual there. Estate liquidations can be very interesting. 


If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out. 

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